Monday, March 31, 2008

Yes, I know I have not been timely with the updates. Its just things were in flux the last few weeks so March’s update is just in time for the end of the month. First the good news, Sometime in September I am going to be a Grandfather. My Middle Daughter Natasha and her Boyfriend our having a baby in September, due date is 15th which is close to my birthday.

My plan for the Edmonton Full Marathon has been downgraded to the half marathon. I messed up my back a bit due to a fall on the ice back in Feb. But, as that healed I decided to try some yoga which somehow aggravated my back even more. It got so bad I finally went to the doctor. He sent me to the Chiropractor who sent me back for back x-rays.

Cheers for Dr. Jerry Barker local chiropractor who did not work on my back, his gut told him to not do anything, turns out his instincts are dead on. After two weeks I finally got my x-rays back last week. Seems I have what is referred to as Foresters Disease or “diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis”.

This is a condition that effects 6 – 12” of the population, mainly men over the age of 50 (65/35). Basically this condition is a slow degenerative issue where calcium creates bone spurs on the spine as well as calcifying Tendons and ligaments. Which causes the spine to be less flexible then it is, in my case its pretty bad and I have a number of fused vertebrae.

There is no cure, and after some debate about running or more like whether I will run again. The doctor said, “RUN”, I cheered. Basically if there is pains take ibuprofen, which is the runner’s vitamin anyway so nothing new there. There is a narrowing of the L4 and L5 vertebrae but according to the Dr. and the Rehab guy I go to it’s normal in a man my age again so buy comfortable well-cushioned shoes and run.

So Edmonton here I come. Yes there is going to be pain and my back will not get better, but staying active is the way to keep the spine as healthy as I can. Now you may ask what causes this problem.

Well there is really no known reason, but factors such as Obesity, diabetes play a factor. As you know I certainly was obese and now a type II diabetic. There could also be caused and links to playing contact sports as a teen and adult. Oh well, at least I can run.

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